About me

Sarah Esterman, a white non-binary femme, holds their phone up to take a mirror selfie. They wear a mock neck crop top and jeans. Their midriff shows a bit, and shows their feeding tube scar.

I'm Sarah Esterman—a marketer, writer, speaker, and chronic illness-haver. I live in Portland, Oregon with my partner, 7 lb. Persian cat, bowling ball of a dog, and 20-some houseplants. My pronouns are they/them. I’m a huge fan of the em dash.

I have more than a decade of lifecycle and email marketing experience—and you can currently find me doing it for Webflow. Previously, I worked in the wild regulatory west of fintech, where I built the lifecycle marketing programs from scratch at Simple and Bumped.

My approach when it comes to all of my work is that serving the customer will serve the business. I aim to be data-driven, but ultimately I make things for people.

A writer by nature, study, and trade, I regularly write about my experience with disabling, comorbid chronic illness on this here website. (I also sometimes write about work, marketing, and money.)

I love sharing my skillset with others at conferences and meetups. I speak at a few events a year about a variety of topics. For more information or to make inquiries, please see my Speaking page.

Outside of work, writing, speaking, and managing my illness (which is like another full-time job), I like to spend my time reading, bouldering, playing video games, seeing plays at our local theaters, and cuddling up with my floofs to watch Bob’s Burgers.