Hi! I'm Sarah.

I'm a people-first lifecycle marketer and conference speaker who crafts kind, thoughtful, and successful customer journeys—and the messaging that carries folks through them.

I write occasionally and read often. And I do all of this while living with disabling, comorbid chronic illness.

Stuff I've written:

  1. How I make work work with chronic illness

    It goes without saying that living with chronic illness is hard. Despite my symptoms, I work full-time. Over the years, I've picked up some tips for making work work while chronically ill.

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  2. "That'll never happen to me"

    That thing when you see something awful and you're like, "That's really awful and it'll never happen to me." And then it does.


  3. How to be there for me, your chronically ill friend

    There's no manual for how to care for your friend when they get sick(er). Yes, there are a lot of words written and work done about the chronically ill and disabled experience, but no two sick people are the same. The ways we prefer care are unique.

    Here are 8 basics

  4. Reflecting on 2019

    In which I attempt to write about 2019—the worst year of my life thus far—and begin to mourn my losses.

    I've lost so much

  5. The pursuit of health is a scam.

    After years of therapy alongside my worsening health, I'm finally beginning to have some acceptance for my situation. With that acceptance (and my lived experiences) has come a fairly hot take.

    Said hot take